Northmen Guild’s Code of Ethics

I hereby present the code of ethics of the Northmen’s Guild.

Northmen Guild was founded in 2017. It is defined as follows [1] :

“We are a guild of northern master craftsmen who use our heritage of craftsmanship handed down through many generations to design and create woodworking tools, knives, weapons – bows and swords, leather goods and watches. Our process, our method and mission is to keep these traditions and crafts alive and well. In this high-tech age, our own traditional craftsmanship is flourishing.

We use our hands to create things that will live on, telling their story in the hands of the craftsmen and people after us. Each thing we create is born with energy and personality – a love and care that will be felt daily by each craftsman; a resonance from the heart of the creation.

… … … “

At first glance, this Northmen Guild’s Code of Ethics has nothing to do with the martial arts, yet it really resonates with me. To a certain extent, it reminds me of the values found in certain codes of martial virtue, such as Bushido or Wing Chun Jo Fen.

More than that, it’s a code for living. Simple and rich at the same time. It’s all there.

Northmen Guild’s Code of Ethics (Click on the picture to watch the video)

Northmen Guild’s Code of Ethics

Love what you do

Do what you love

Begin where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can

Honour the elders

Teach the young

Protect and love your family

Keep your craft and your skills strong

Learn from your own mistakes, not only from others

Look for the log in your own eye – not the splinter in your brothers

Be loyal to your friends

Voice your opinion

Stand your ground

Trust your brothers

Work hard, stay humble

Focus on the detail

Be brave

Be calm

Be patient

Wake up early

Temper your body

Live in nature

Walk in the woods

Climb the mountains

Find time to be alone

Hunt when you need food

Rest when you can

Work when you must

Always leave your mark

Take charge when others show weakness

Have more, spend less

More time, less convenience

Craft, not business

Value, not price

Quality, not quantity

To create, not to produce

Hands, not machines




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