About KFCB

Welcome to Kung Fu Coffee Break !

I expose on this blog my knowledge, research and questions about culture and history of martial arts and self-defense. Unpretentiously, I hope to offer readers serious and quality writings.

As far as I’m concerned, I consider myself firstly as martial artist. In my youth, I was confronted with several brawls that deeply affected me and encouraged me to follow the way of martial arts. I felt the need more than the desire. My experience comes first of all from what I was able to really live. Difficult situations, stressful, and somehow traumatic, where I left many bruises, abrasions and squirts of blood. And even if I have often lost, in hindsight I feel lucky to have got out without too much damage; from memory, during one of my last brawl, I was on the ground undergoing a ground & pound, while another opponant kicked my head.

So I started martial arts my youth by traditional japanese jujutsu, Hakko-ryu style 八 光 流. I practiced this discipline up to the rank of Shodan 初段. My experience, my temperament and my concern for efficiency led me to practice other martial arts more oriented on self-defense. I was lucky to learn about my 19 years at Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Eskrima. Responding to my expectations, I fully invested in this disciplines. I love them deeply, they are very important in my life so much that I teach them with so much passion since 2011.

I practice Wing Tsun Kung Fu at Wing Tsun Kung Fu International Academy (AIWTKF). For Eskrima, I practiced Latosa Eskrima, including Caballes Serrada Eskrima and Cadena de Mano. Today I practice the Combate Eskrima Maranga which I learn from Maestro Rodrigo Maranga in the Philippines.

I am also an Animal Flow instructor (L1) and have been practicing the Wim Hof Method since 2021.

Good reading.

Nico 🙂